Built in 1930 and covering some 6,000 square metres, Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink) remains to this day the largest one of its kind in Europe. For many years now, the rink has been a popular Zurich venue for ice skaters of all ages.

Dear Guests

New date for the start of the winter season: 1 November 2014

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen technical problems the winter opening period of Dolder Kunsteisbahn (open-air ice-skating rink) will not begin on 3 October 2014 as planned. Major repairs to the cooling system mean that the start of the season for all Dolder Sports facilities will be delayed until 1 November 2014.

The open-air skating rinks in Heuried and Oerlikon will be open for public ice skating in October.